THANK YOU! 😊

    Homework # 31: PowerPoint Transitions & Animation (Due on 3/12/20):

    1.- How do you add transitions to your slides?
    2.- How do you add animation to your slides?
    3.- What are the four kinds of animation effects?
    4.- How do you insert music or a movie?

    Homework # 30: Microsoft PowerPoint (Due on 3/5/20):

    1.- What do you use MS PowerPoint for?
    2.- How does PowerPoint organize your presentations?
    3.- How do you insert a graphic into a slide?
    4.- How do you make changes to a given slide?

    Homework - Due on 2/27/20:

    Doodle for Google: "I show kindness by..." 
    Return the completed "Doodle for Google" entry form, with your parent signature.
    Title for your Doodle (10 words max) & Description of your Doodle: What you drew and how it represents "I show kindness by..."

    Homework # 28: Excel - Credit Repayment (Due 2/20/20): 

    1.- Where do banks get the money to pay those who save?
    2.- What kind of credit costs the most?
    3.- What is the best way to use a credit card?
    4.- Why is it better to save for something than to buy on credit?

    Homework # 27: Excel - Saving Money (Due on 2/13/20): 

    1.- What is the most important factor in saving money for your future?
    2.- What are five things you can do to save more money?
    3.- Look up the definition of the word: budget.
    4.- What is compound interest?

    Homework # 29: Excel - Charts (Due on 2/6/20): 

    1.- What is the difference between Pie and Bar Charts?
    2.- Why is the chart legend important?
    3.- What are pie charts best used for?
    4.- In a pie chart, what does the whole circle represent?

    Homework # 26: Spreadsheet - Math (Due on 1/30/20):

    1.- What do ALL formulas start with?
    2.- Write a SHORT formula to add ALL the numbers from cell D5 to D29:
    3.- What do you do if you get this: ######
    4.- In general, which cell do you type the formula in?

    Homework # 25: Spreadsheet - Formatting (Due on 1/23/20):

    1.- How do you copy data?
    2.- How do you select an entire row or column?
    3.- How do you add borders and colors to cells?
    4.- How do you insert or delete a row or column?

    Homework # 24: Spreadsheet: Introduction (Due on 1/16/20): 

    1.- What is a spreadsheet?
    2.- Give two examples of the use of spreadsheets (not from the handout).
    3.- How are cells identified?
    4.- What’s the name of the 27th spreadsheet column?

    Homework # 19: MS Word - Formatting Palette 🎨 (Due on 12/19/19): 

    1.- What is the main function of the formatting palette?
    2.- How do you expand the menus?
    3.- Should you type first and then format, or first format and then type?
    4.- What is the difference between Undo and Revert? How are they similar?

    Homework # 21: Word - Making a Flyer (Due on 12/12/19):

    1.- How do you get a template from MS Word for a new flyer?
    2.- Why would you want to add a border to your flyer?
    3.- What is a page watermark?
    4.- What is the purpose of having tear-offs on the bottom of a flyer?

    Homework # 18: MS Word - Formatting Tools (Due on 12/5/19): 

    1.- What is the difference between the Standard and Formatting toolbars?
    2.- What can the “Brush” do for you?
    3.- What is the difference between Cut and Copy?
    4.- What do you do after Cut or Copy?

    Homework # 17: MS Word - Selecting Text (Due on 11/21/19): 

    1.- How do you select a word, a line, a paragraph?
    2.- How do you select everything in a document?
    3.- How do you select text using only the keyboard?
    4.- Why would a teacher ask you to use double-spacing?

    Homework # 16: Word Processing (Due on 11/14/19): 

    1.- What is a word processor for?
    2.- When do you need to press “Return”?
    3.- Name and draw the alignment tools; what do they do?
    4.- What would life be like without word processing?

    Homework # 09: Preview Program (Due on 11/7/19): 

    1.- How do you change a picture’s file format?
    2.- How do you add annotations to a picture?
    3.- How do you crop a picture in Preview?
    4.- How do you view a picture slideshow?

    Homework # 23: Simple Text (Due on 10/31/19):

    1.- What is a Simple Text?
    2.- When do you need to press “Return”?
    3.- How do you remove the format from text?
    4.- How do you open a file in Simple Text?

    Homework # 10: Apple Finder & Windows Explorer (Due on 10/24/19):

    1.- What are Explorer and Finder used for?
    2.- How do you rename a file/folder in Apple Finder?
    3.- How do you rename a file/folder in Windows Explorer?
    4.- How should you save your files?

    Homework # 08: Resizing Pictures (Due on 10/17/19):

    1.- Why would you need to resize a picture?
    2.- How do you select multiple files?
    3.- How do you resize pictures in Apple’s Preview Program?
    4.- How do you resize pictures in Windows Live Photo Gallery?

    Homework # 07: Scanning Pictures (Due on 10/10/19):

    1.- Make a LIST of the steps to scan a picture.
    2.- Which picture settings should you use?
    3.- Make a LIST of 10 things you can do with a picture after you’ve scanned it.

    Homework # 06: Computer Desktop (Due on 10/3/19): 

    1.- How does GUI make a computer easier to use?
    2.- Why is it called the desktop?
    3.- Make a table of differences between the Mac and the Windows desktop
    4.- Which desktop do you prefer, Windows or Mac? Why?

    Homework # 05: Computer Painting (Due on 9/26/19): 

    1.- What can you do with Painting?
    2.- Which tools are now available that were not available in Drawing?
    3.- Why do you think a popular use of Painting is to work with scanned pictures?
    4.- What are 3 things you use the Tool Panel for?

    Homework # 04: Parts of the Computer (Due on 9/19/19): 

    1.- What is Software?
    2.- What is Hardware?
    3.- What is an Operating System?
    4.- Re-draw and label The Parts of a Computer (include Inputs & Outputs)

    Homework # 03: Computer Drawing (Due on 9/12/19): 

    1.- What can you create with Drawing?
    2.- What is a drawing made of?
    3.- How do you make a copy of an object?
    4.- How do you get a description of a tool?

    Homework # 02: Keyboarding (Due on 9/5/19): 

    1.- Which keys are the “home row”?
    2.- Why is it called the “home row”?
    3.- Describe the correct Keyboarding Posture.
    4.- What are some things you can do to reduce physical injury?

    Homework # 01: Computer Basics (Due on Thursday 8/29/19)

    1.- What are four things all computers do?
    2.- What inventions allowed us to enjoy computers today?
    3.- Describe the types of computers
    4.- Make a list of 10 uses of a computer 

    Homework  (Due on 8/22/19):

    - Return letter tear-off. Do not forget your career goal and your parents' signature.
    - Buy a flash drive and bring it EVERY DAY!

    Academy Homework (Due on 8/22/19):

    - Emergency Card
    - Acceptable Use Policy (APU)
    - Policy Checklist
    - Student Questionnaire 
    - Student-Parent Tear-off