• Mission Statement

    The mission of Gage Middle School is to prepare students in the Huntington Park community for success in high school, college, and the 21st Century Global Society. Gage Middle School will achieve this mission by providing thematic Academies with college preparatory programs where all stakeholders (administrators, teachers, parents, students, and community) are collaborating and actively engaged in the educational process. We will create a student-centered environment that unifies the efforts of family, community and school to foster academic excellence, life-long learners, positive community leaders, and a sense of social responsibility.

    Vision Statement

    Gage is a school that is intensely focused on improving academic outcomes. We believe that all students must graduate from high school and that all students are capable of going to college. We recognize that we are the gateway to success for our students in high school and beyond. We believe that it is critical to our students’ success that we have a “One Team” commitment to pursuing one goal: academic excellence and fostering students who are life-long learners, positive community leaders, and socially responsible citizens. Our “One Team” will include all stakeholders, (administrators, teachers, parents, students, and community) and every decision will be based upon one central question, “How will this assist our students’ academic success?”

    Upon matriculating from Gage Middle School we expect that our students will know, understand and be able to fulfill our school vision of striving for academic excellence, life-long learning, positive community leadership, and a heightened sense of social responsibility. We believe that these traits are essential for academic success and for the growth and development of the individual.