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The QueensCare Mobile Vision Program

Vision problems in children occur most often during the middle school years. For this reason, QueensCare has worked with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) since 1999 to provide an on-site school free eye care to select middle schools, where 75% or more of the students qualify for the federal free- or reduced-lunch program. This year alone, the Mobile Vision Program visited 29 middle schools and two Catholic schools, where free eye care screenings by the school nurse and a free eye care exam by a QueensCare optometrist, resulted in more than 2,100 prescriptions for glasses, all provided free to the students. Click below to get more information on The QueensCare Mobile Vision Program and how your child can participate in this program.


“We are happy to have helped thousands of children in Los Angeles improve their vision through our program and look forward to helping many more.”